Hi, I'm Ryan

I'm passionate about modding video games, software engineering, control theory, robotics, and game design.

I usually go by the names RyanHCode, Ryan, or Ryah online.

You can catch me online as: I'm currently a student employed as an engineer at Starfall Worlds, but I still maintain and work on many passion projects.


Take a look at what I do here:

Masayoshi Games

I worked as the lead mod & content developer, for Moonflower and MC Party to develop an event for Twitch Rivals named "Masayoshi Games"

The official Twitch Rivals event aired January 13, 2023, and you can see the gameplay trailer here:

Minecraft Modding

I've modded Minecraft since versions as early as 1.6.4, and use the game as my canvas for development.

I work on many projects in the space, some of them being:

The Create Simulated Project, including: The Foundry and Moonflower mods:


I've competed in robotics programs as far as I can remember- for around 8 years. I live and breath through engineering and the software, control theory, and math that powers it.

In recent years, my team has competed and won awards at world championship levels with my software running on our robots.

Auto Robot Extension Robot Clamping Beach Render Building

Cyber Security

In recent years I've competed in many CTFs, along with a cyber-security competition at a national level.

In my time competing I primarily focused on Linux distributions, competitively hardening their security.

Cyber Patriot Nationals Cyber Patriot Nationals

Feel free to reach out to me at the contacts above regarding any of these projects, or just to say hi!